Destination: Disneyland

Grad Night: June 6, 2017


  • Thank you to everyone who attended the mandatory meeting.  If you could not hear some details, NOT TO WORRY!  You’ll get emailed the important information and it will all be posted here!!! (DRESS CODE IS IN FAQs)
  • FINAL PAYMENT WAS DUE ON FEB. 10!  Please submit your payment in a sealed envelope to the office with your student’s name CLEARLY written on the check (with contact information on the envelope if we have questions). STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT SUBMITTED FINAL PAYMENT CANNOT SELECT THEIR BUS ASSIGNMENT!
  • We will have kids sign up for their bus assignments during lunch time soon!
  • WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!  We need about 35 parents to help check-in the kids on June 5.  Please email ASAP!!!

Please go to this site for updates.  Email Joy Henry for more information.